2 Bar S Ranch is a working ranch in Hillsborough County
in central Florida.
Our mission is to do the best we can at whatever we do. In this
case, it is the breeding and production of purebred Brahman
Brahman cattle are native to India but were imported into the
United States many years ago. The several Indian types were
brought here and formed the foundation for what was to
become, through decades of selective breeding, the

The American Brahman is a beef breed of cattle. Its main
contribution to the cattle industry is the increased "hybrid
vigor" imparted to the offspring through crossbreeding. This
hybrid vigor manifests itself through increased size, strength,
vigor and other traits.

Through crossbreeding, the Brahman also provides those
other traits that are important to beef cattle. These include
the brahman's ability to forage in rough conditions, its heat
tolerance and resistance to disease and insects; and don't
forget its mothering ability.
2 Bar S Ranch