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How it works

2 Bar S Ranch welcomes you to our headquarters located on the beautiful Spring Creek Mesa in Montrose to hand select your own Angus steer

October 8th - 15th

You must set up an appointment before arriving.

Please call 970-275-9236 or email to RSVP.

Once you have picked the right steer for your family, it’s a very simple process. We weigh your steer that day, where you will then pay for your steer by the pound @ $2.75 live weight.

We will need your contact information, along with physical address.

We will take care of everything else, from the brand inspection to the delivery of your steer.

Whether it be to one of our local meat processors or butchers provided

on our website, or to your home. 2 Bar S Ranch will be there every step

of the way to insure less stress and hassle on you the consumer.


These 25 hand selected steers being offered have been grazing for the past 5 months at our high altitude mountain property. Some consumers may feel it necessary to feed their steer out on a ration/grain program.


For any questions or more information feel free to call 970-275-9236


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